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Arriva Wired Headphones

Arriva Wired Headphones

Active wear wired stereo headphonesActive wear wired stereo headphonesActive wear wired stereo headphones

Wired headphones! $6.95 + S&H.
Active wear wired stereo headphones
… “headphones are comfortable and literally stick to your head”

Comfortable to wear all day long.
No other headphone stays in place better.
Our headphones are made for extreme active wear.
Wear under a helmet, with a hat, with glasses or with goggles.
Our design fits like a soft spring.
One size fits all.
Our discreet design is un-noticeable to others.
Utility patent pending.

30 day unlimited no-question guarantee against defects.

Review by Joe Marruchella – Marathoner – 3/9/2010

    “Another feature I like is that the cord comes straight down the middle of the back of the ear phones – keeping it from swinging around in front of me interfering with my arms or my water bottles during a long run. To me this is honestly a 5-star product:..”
    To jam or not to jam …. headphone review

Review by Runner’s World

    “The Arrivas were designed for snowboarders and rock climbers who need headphones that won’t budge. They sport a zigzag wraparound wire that clings to your head like a hungry squid when fitted correctly. Trouble is, some testers found that getting the ear pieces in securely can be tricky at times. But once in place, they provide superb sound and volume.”

Review by

    “The Arriva headphones’ unique cord design does a remarkable job of keeping the earbuds securely in your ears, and the headphones are comfortable and literally stick to your head.”

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