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Blaupunkt BPA-402NC Headphones

Blaupunkt BPA-402NC Headphones

Blaupunkt BPA-402NC HeadphonesBlaupunkt Stereo Over-Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones: The BPA-402NC offers Impressive Acoustic Balance with Dynamic Bass Response and  Noise Cancelling technology perfect for the frequent traveler,  In-line (MEMS) Microphone for clear voice calls and a Premium Carry Case.

In stock: $189.99 + S&H


  • Color Black
  • Ambient Noise-Cancelling Technology
  • Dynamic Drivers for Increased Bass Response
  • Impressive Acoustic Balance
  • Over-Ear Design offers long-term ergonomic comfort
  • Premium Cable with In-line Voice Microphone
    Featuring MEMS* Technology designed to reduce wind noise when used outdoors
    *Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

BPA-402NC Spec Sheet English-German-French