From Customers
Oct '11

Hi -
I just got my LEOs today. They are awesome! What great sound.
FYI - mine were at full volume when I started them up with music and they are loud. You may want to instruct people to turn the volume down prior to playing music the first time. It was a shocker.
Thanks! I love them.

I received the Arriva bluetooth headset today. They were easy to set up and link with my iphone. They are very comfortable and I like how positive they feel on my head...they will stay where I put them even with a bunch of head movement. They sound great and can get very loud. Controls are logical and easy to use and I like the changing color of the indicator light to let me know the status of various functions. This is the best bluetooth and maybe the best ipod type headphone I have owned. I haven't used it yet for a phone call, so I am curious to see how well it sounds to the receiver of my call. I'm sure it will sound great!! Thank you for designing and producing such a great product. I really like my Arriva bluetooth headset!!

I tried typing my review in your facebook wall but was too here it goes.. word about the LEO's (well not really one word)..WOW!!! THEY ARE FXXXX AWESOME!! This is coming from a guy who's tried all Stereo Bluetooth Headsets cuz I just don't do wires!!! YES TRIED ALL OF THEM!! And yes I've broken all of them thru blood, sweat(mainly sweat ;-) ) and tears!!!! I'm a workout-aholic!! I love my music on the go...I'm a sprinter/jogger well basically an all-around active kind of guy and can't be tied down with wires! But music is very much important to me...When I have music on with the right headset, I feel like I'm on the dance floor! I HATE HATE WIRES!! I JUST DON'T DO WIRES! I used to use the Sony DR-BT21G Stereo Bluetooth which had big foam ear pieces(not in-ear type) which meant that when I would sweat heavily it would get soaked and felt disgusting at the end on my ears but it worked so I couldn't complain cause it worked even though I had sweat all over it and the only ones that really took stand to my sweat and hated wires with a passion!!! FINALLY ARRIVA came into the picture...Thank GOD someone listened!!! I use these headphones with my iphone 4S and love them to death!!

     Ok here's the first these Arriva had a weird fit with me in my ears with the ear pieces and so I didn't use the ear pieces that came with it but used them with Yurbuds ear-buds and they work GREAT together!!! Try Yurbuds with them if they feel like they don't fit right in your ears. No I don't work for Yurbuds, but like your ARRIVA LEO's I have been searching for earbuds that molded to my inner ears...I'm a Fitness Fanatic and always gotta have my music that's why I've researched everything that will help my workouts fun! To me fitness equipment can make or break my workouts. ARRIVA LEO's and Yurbuds make a great combination!! The Yurbuds go all the way to the ear canal so sweat or water is no problem!! I am definitely recommending ARRIVA LEO's to friends and clients!! The sounds that come out of the ARRIVA LEO's are GREAT!! FINALLY THE ARRIVA has ARRIVED to the Fitness Enthusiast!! It was really worth the wait!!!! GREAT JOB!!! --

Arriva Inc, Telluride, CO 81435