The Leo can be worn with helmets, sunglasses, glasses, hats, visors and headbands.

Use with Skype.
Perfect headphones to use with Siri function on iPhone

Easy controls skip forward, back, volume up/down and pause.
"Clear crisp highs"
"Full bodied bass"

How to use your Leo (webpage) How to custom fit Leo

After you receive your Leo please register it for warranty here

How to pair Leo with;
Quick Tip
Press and hold power button on Leo until the light turns solid light purple, release power button - the Leo is now in pairing mode
(if you are prompted for a passkey or PIN use 0000)

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Why did we call it the Leo?

The Leo is not waterproof. It should never be exposed to continuous rainfall, or used when swimming

US Company located in Colorado,USA
Utility patent pending
Product is made in Korea