Review by London Sunday Times, Ingear 
"The Arriva is absolute genius if you own a second-generation Apple iPod Shuffle ... the sound quality is high and the sense of liberation is marvellous" ... July 11th 2010

Review by Elden, Fat Cyclist blogger ...  How to listen to Rock n Roll whilst riding a bike "The reason I'm doing this post is because Arriva headphones are pretty much the most perfect thing ever for cyclists" .. June 16th 2009
We made the top 5!
David Pogue listed our shuffle headphones ... 5 Best Gadget Gifts Around $50 .. Dec 4th 2008
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Quote from David Pogue, personal technology columnist for the New York Times ...
"They may just be the best tech idea of the year." ... Sept 18th 2008
"The most brilliant yet is the Arriva headphones"
Sept 24th 2008

Quote from CNET review
"one of the best (and most liberating) solutions to listening to music while you work out ... thanks to an integrated iPod Shuffle dock in the rear; fit securely on your ears, making them well-suited for sporting activities; stealthy design--they don't make you look like a dork".

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CNET editors' rating - Very Good 7/10


Quote from Mens Fitness Magazine (UK).

"Hooray! No more dangling, flapping ipod wires when you're out for a run.  These cunning earphones hold your iPod Shuffle at the back of your head, and their springy construction means they won't fall off even during your big sprint finish. So unobtrusive, it's the next best thing to storing songs in your brain."