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Leo II – wireless bluetooth waterproof stereo module – 13+ hours battery life

Leo II – wireless bluetooth waterproof stereo module – 13+ hours battery life

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We’re developing a Wireless Bluetooth waterproof module (Leo II) it is the size of the Shuffle and will fit on the existing Eddy headphone so from one headphone there will be three choices! We are currently testing this module and thrilled that it has over 13 hours of play/listening time.
The wireless Bluetooth module can also be used independently turning other devices into Bluetooth devices. Such as, when plugged into powered speakers they become wireless Bluetooth speakers!

Specs are:

  • Bluetooth 4.2 (upgrading to 5.0 when available)
  • Battery life 13+ hours of play/listening time
  • Waterproof, therefore sweatproof
  • Rich Stereo
  • Lightweight, comfortable
  • Built in Microphone, make and receive calls
  • One headphone – 3 choices – Bluetooth, Shuffle and Wired headphones.

    Our goals:
    Wireless, handsfree communications for when you need your hands and eyes for more important tasks. Our headphones are designed to move with you, not against you becoming a wearable you forget you are wearing!

    One of the best features of the Eddy is with the interchangeable earbuds, parts can be replaced, thereby reducing waste of having to throw away an entire headphone. We are also working on having iPod style earbuds for the Eddy.

    Designed, developed and ruggedly tested in Telluride, Colorado!

    Wireless bluetooth with diamond shaped controlsWireless Bluetooth module with round controls